Olga Rapunzel reappeared without the belly. Photo

It should be noted that the pregnancy of the participant “House 2” recently, causing fans of the reality show more and more questions. However, this is not surprising, because the girl herself is not quite confidently oriented in terms of their own pregnancy, and while the stories shows a too large stomach for its months, the website life-dom2.su.

More gossip has caused a recent picture of Olga Rapunzel, where she was depicted with a raised tank where you could not see any of the abdomen. It turned out that the girl’s stomach looks pretty flat, it is not like the belly of a pregnant girl. Some fans still willing to believe that Olga is expecting a baby, however I have no doubt that for the sake of attracting attention to his person Rapunzel putting something under her clothes and mislead others.

“If it’s not invoice, what’s she’s having a big navel. At this period, which she immediately tells us, the navel does not stretch so, Yes, she’s just another very small , there is the abdomen ..What is the point of her cheat , after three months will see the stomach,” – commented the audience of “House 2”.