Olga Rapunzel promised a lot to tell subscribers

You should always smile. Someone sincere, and someone evil. And I’m gonna be strong the devil evil! And for you, my dear subscribers, I smile with love and give you his joy. I thank you that you have me there. A you worried about me, support me, I try to read every comment, I am very pleased and warm inside from your kind, warm wishes. Many of you are interested in my personal life. I am not yet ready to open fully for you! No offense, my dear. As soon as possible. I’m waiting for the moment when it stops and Hayter will be less to write negative words and emotions in my address, and will immediately open for you! I really want to talk to you heart to heart and ask the moms about children and their stories to tell you, I have so many questions have accumulated and I have many things to tell you! Love you and miss you.