Olga Rapunzel pleaded pregnancy

So, in the vast social networks have long been rumors about the pregnancy of Olga, which causes more interest in it and so scandalous person. Moreover, it is “interesting” girls as one of the main reasons for his departure from “House 2”. The Rapunzel admitted that he really is expecting a child, saying that it was a little concerned about the situation in “the House 2”, and all her thoughts are of the future child, the website life-dom2.su.

Forgot Olya to tell how many unpleasant moments she had to endure on the project. Rapunzel stressed that to live in the perimeter of a couple and especially to raise there baby just the height of irresponsibility.

“27 on 7 is like? And that’s with two higher educations? I have long thought that Rapunzel lives in a fictional world. So it is still in another dimension hovering. Who is interested in her pregnancy except her fans. As for me, this poor child. To have parents like the enemy does not want” – wrote a fan of the “House 2”.