Olga Rapunzel has revealed her secret

Soon 500k. My dear, long time you were kept guessing about her pregnancy. In one post can’t tell you everything! But want to open up to you. How many were a variety of rumors and evil tongues about my pregnancy that I was a liar that I invoice the stomach, all this for the sake of PR, my heart was torn to hear about it, makes me so sad. Well, except on that joke? People, don’t judge me by the onscreen image, find out me personally! I am open for communication with good and appropriate people! I try not to read bad, I’m positive! What is it that there are evil people, but one thing I know that pregnant women can not hurt, it is a sin.
Well to me what I have to confess, that I gave up, I can’t hide I can’t hide from you. Pictures of something you want to put and here’s the surprise. My happiness lives in me. God gave the child and so will always help educate. I have my family and friends! Thank you to each of you who supports me and cares about me. This is some of my friends, my parents and you my subscribers! I am grateful to God for this great happiness! I’ve never been so happy. When there is someone to live for and this is the meaning of life. Now I think first and foremost about themselves and about the baby!
I changed a lot, became more patient, calmer, can be at times very difficult! But I’m coping. Many hold a very was hidden. I’m alone here in Moscow, relatives and friends in Vladivostok! I still can’t fly, the doctor advises a few months! Wait then your mother. I had to report it to the doctor in a Private Clinic! Helped me through the experience, thank you. In Moscow, I have no one, but I’m not the only one, now many not just in life! We will survive! We can do it! Like everybody else, I deserve to be happy.

Just answer the questions; what term of pregnancy? Yet a secret. A girl or a boy? Also don’t know. Why not go live? Only recently all the doctors was held, tests passed, the tears of joy from the ultrasound. Dear moms and future moms, let’s get acquainted, my dear. Write me in the comments what more you expect from me? What questions prepared? Love.