Olga Rapunzel found another reason to quarrel with Dmitri Dmitrenko

However, even now, when, apparently, all problems are solved, their romance doesn’t seem so perfect. For example, Olga Rapunzel is sure that he came back to the project, and with a clear goal to remember all her past wrongs. In turn, the man does not tire of emphasizing that he was bored to be patient, because all this time all he did was forgive the girl their antics, the website life-dom2.su.

According to the announcement of the future broadcast, on Calvary, a grudge on his wife, Dimitrenko could not keep quiet. The young man went to such an extent that the newly covered pregnant Olga Mata, and even Vlad kadoni, no matter how he tried, failed to calm the ward.

“No bath, no bottles with nipples, no clothes. Even Tata in this period boasted shopping. And these two took out the crib and did a great job” – said the fans youth telestroke.