Olga Rapunzel disgraced live. Photo

So, fans of the TV show is quite long accustomed to live broadcasts with the participation of the spouses Dmitrenko, during which they communicate with their fans. However, unfortunately for the former participants of the reality show, one of the last outlets online ended for them a disgrace, writes the website life-dom2.su.

Fascinated by stories about pregnancy, Rapunzel forgot and turned the camera so that it became evident what a pigsty they live with Dima. At least clothing brands is not stored in the closet, and in the trunks of China and suitcases. On the whole, the situation looks mildly presentable.

“Not brendovi this case, in order to direct and comfort, not Brandao”, “the trouble is that all participants “House 2″ leads to disorder your house?” – the audience wrote “House 2”.