Olga Rapunzel convinces followers that she’s telling the truth

I want each of you to hug, kiss and say I love you. My dear, thank you for your support. I know, because those who loves me much more and I’m not alone, there you have me, and most importantly happiness is my child. I try not to read bad negative comments, writing this stupid people who have nothing sacred, you’re crazy! Why are you so angry? Boomerang has not been canceled. Don’t believe the hype! It’s your business to believe me or anyone! I have no reason to lie, I married for love, took his last name, wanted a family with him, believed him, and he was an actor! Do you think I came up with this all for PR? Are you crazy? I wanted to be a single mom? Yes, I would be better then to want to have for themselves and the rich men, but I loved him sincerely. I now despise him, he hurt me and my baby, and he ever love us? No, he played and he wants his family back, everything he says is just empty words! Still not recognized in pity presses. Let’s leave him with his lies. I cried, calmed down, move on. You will not understand what I went through, I will say one thing, I thank God with me and the baby are fine, as long I’m safe now, I’ll keep myself and my baby and know I could not have imagined that former members may return to the project, and I did not expect such a turn! The world is not without kind people! Thank you.