Olga Rapunzel and Dmitri Dmitrenko came up with how delayed the project for years to come

Besides, not a secret the fact that with the filing of Olga Buzova “brand “the House 2” has provided immunity up until the birth. Therefore, in the coming months Olga not to worry about his career in “the House 2”, and only after the child was born, Rapunzel will have to think about the design career, the website life-dom2.su.

Judging by the conversations that lead between Dimitrenko and Rapunzel, they already have a ready-made solution. Plans couples a second child after the first, which means at least 2-3 years, maybe more, they have immunity.

“Parasites not adapted to anything people do not want to work. Will be until retirement to sit on the project and to have children, not to be expelled. Rapunzel, it’s time to get over the gate. Already fed up with all” – wrote the fans of “House 2”.