Olga Rapunzel again hysteria on the project. Video

It is the memories of the beloved one, and how Dima did it ultimately became a cause for hysteria. Failing to curb her suddenly surging emotions, Olga in the announcement of the future broadcast burst into tears in front of television cameras, almost falling into hysterics, absolutely not paying attention to their interesting position, says the website life-dom2.su.

As it turned out, the man Rapunzel wonders what made her fall in love with Dima. According to the expectant mom, she acted like a youngster when he closed his eyes to the shortcomings of the chosen one and, in the end, badly paid for it.

“Well, the next return, her husband found a reason to return them. See the rating of the project they are doing”, “How many months have passed and nothing has changed,” – noted fans of the youth project.