Olga Prokofiev has made the mother a Grand gift

Exclusive Znamenitka: the role of Joan Arkadyevna “My fair nanny” has mastered design skills

Actress Olga Prokofiev has recently completed repairs in a country house. She replaced the kitchen. This event was the ambitious project of the family of the actress, because I had to change everything from pipes.

“I have a country house. And I found my schedule free time to deal with the issue of the new kitchen. The kitchenette was old, you could say, rarity, she moved from apartment to apartment and finally left in the country. And everything creaked, rustled and fell off, but the kitchen was a favorite, so as a rarity, it has not been touched. But this summer I realized that it is impossible to creak and ring, and I decided to replace It was a really important event because it involved not only with the change of furniture, but also the replacement of pipes, water supply and so on. I had this all sorted out. We also did system of additional purification of water” — said the star of “My fair nanny” Znamenitka.

Prokofiev and she also took part in the project. “I have worked with a brilliant professional Sergey, who collects I have a third kitchen, and I was a support assistant and I were very much pleased because I knew that Mama’s got clean water, it will have cabinets, shelves and so on. The design we chose – easy-Provence. I went to my friend, who are two dishes I ordered, and she advised me this design. But, of course, the last word was for me. Since this cottage, we proceeded from the fact that the mother in the first place were all comfortable in the kitchen,” concluded the actress.