Olga Ostroumova spoke about her meeting with Valentin Gaft – 24???

70-year-old Russian actress Olga Ostroumova told how he met with Valentin Gaft. She announced this in an interview with “StarHit”.

Ostroumova said that after her divorce from Director Michael Levitin, which the actress was suspected of treason, she met with Valentin Gaft. Their first meeting was held on one of the evenings, after which the Gaft went for a walk with Ostroumova.

“I fell in love with her. I also decided as I have, and didn’t call for a long time,” admitted Gaft.

Ostroumova said that her third marriage was needed to “annoy the old man.” However, between the actress and Gaft subsequently, their experience really formed a love.

Olga Ostroumova and Valentin Gaft | kick.media

Ostroumova is recognized that many men need to say what she wants. However, the actress believes that every man needs no words to understand the mood and feelings of his beloved.