Olga Orlova had another dog

Three weeks ago I saw a photo of a skinny calf with big ears. The girls were looking for her foster home or temporary home. I figured while the holiday season can take a month. Fattened up, vaccinated, sterilized, and find her a permanent home and loving parents. At the same time, understand what kind of character to correctly and honestly described to future owners. They brought her to me…
First, the name Sarah. I was outraged, as so thin Sarah had never seen! Collectively decided to call her Asya, since she’s not used to Sarah, and to the responded. The first day she stressful that refused to eat. When we brought her hand to Pat, she fearfully stumbled backwards, clutching the ears. It obviously hurt, evidenced by the scars on his head. Otherwise, it was an incredibly touching and delicate dog. Sooo gentle, calm, and contact. For the first week we taught her not to pee around the house and not to steal human food. Wandering and starvation took their toll. At the end of the second week of this skeleton gained 4 pounds. she is vaccinated. So the time came pristroystvo… And you know what I say?! I would never let go! Welcome home, my Asya!