Olga freymut will find out how to live comfortably Ukrainians

Olga freymut will find out how to live comfortably Ukrainians

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Olga freimuth reported on the social project, which will protect the interests of Ukrainians.

Famous TV presenter and young mother Olga Freimut not going to sit in a maternity leave. She plans to continue to carry out inspections in his show on 1+1, but to inspect the whole city. Leading is going to figure out how to live comfortably ordinary Ukrainians.

Personally, and with the help of secret agents Olga Freimut check educational institutions, medical institutions, the quality of roads, clean air and water, making a safety. Also, one of the inspection criteria will be the life of the elite – a young mother finds out how honest city officials.

In the New draft of the Inspector freymut.The city already employs more than 40 agents and the number of cities for the first season defined. The team has not yet decided what it will be in the city. The project involves experts of different fields – ecologists, urbanists, architects, scientists. Their task is to create a “rescue plan” for each particular city and help in its implementation.

“The New Inspector Freymut.The city is a huge project designed to change the country. We conducted a large number of inspections and I understand that you need to move forward and expand. Ukrainians need to stop complaining about the government and realize that the problem is in us, in our indifference and inability to communicate with the government. When we learn this, then our country will change,” says moderator of the project Olga Freimut.


Source and photo: bigmir.net