Olga freymut in the new project will inspect Ukrainian cities

Olga freymut in the new project will inspect Ukrainian cities

In the new project presenter Olga freymut will find out how honest city officials.

1+1 Production for TV channel 1+1 started work on a new project, in which TV presenter Olga freymut will conduct a global inspection of the cities of Ukraine and will help them to step forward on the path to success and prosperity.

Leading is no longer restricted to inspections of individual institutions of different spheres of life. In the new project Olga freymut will conduct a verification of entire cities will determine how comfortable it is to live there ordinary Ukrainians.

Personally, and with the help of secret agents Olga Freimut check educational institutions, medical facilities, clean roads, air and water, making the quality and safety of food establishments. Will not remain without attention and the life of the urban elite. In the new project leading to find out how honest city officials.

According to Olga Freimut, many cities of our country can become more developed and life is more comfortable, if you combine the efforts of urban communities and to begin to act.

Want project to shame those who complain about the government, just not for themselves. I dare to dream that my invisible Novyi Rozdil, can become a little Richmond. One has only to begin to act. Because Europe is not only the city of giants, but the Cambridge, Cannes, Lublin… We were lucky with the geography – it’s time to stop finger-pointing. The crew will check the city on “good and evil“ and point out problems and give advice“, – said Olga.

With the help of professionals for each inspected by the city plan will be drawn up, which will help him become more successful.

Start a new project by Olga Freimut is scheduled for this fall.


Source and photo: ivona.bigmir.net