Olga Buzova will develop a music career

Who has a mouth that sings. In 2017, a popular Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova decided to come to grips with his new passion – music, and once over the Christmas holidays, said about the surprise for her fans.

A few days ago, the leading reality show “Dom-2” was in the Studio recording t even took a few pictures there, which he subsequently published on his page in the social network.
“Hold on, domestic show-business” — warns Buzova.
We will remind that Olga already debuted as a singer, presenting last year his song “the sounds of kisses,” which, despite criticism, much relished. In December last year Buzova even said that thinking about a concert program, and is now heavily engaged in vocal.
“I already began to study singing and would like to ask Emin that he was preparing Crocus” — whether joking, whether seriously said Buzova.

Source: https://news.rambler.ru
Photo: http://dom25.tv

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