Olga Buzova went on a date with an American 24???

In an interview with StarHit singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova admitted that they went on a date with an American. According to celebrity, overseas gentleman has not justified her hopes.

According to Olga, meeting with a foreigner she was disappointed because she saw no prospects for creation of serious relations. Popular singer added that modern men avoid responsibility.

“Over the years I never allowed myself even to kiss! Old wounds still not healed,” said the woman in an interview to the press.

Buzova noted that the love for her is extremely important, but before she was ready to give up everything for the family, which ultimately turned out to be the wrong decision.

Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova | Komsomolskaya Pravda “Everything happens when it should. I let go of the situation,” — says Olga.

Today Buzova concentrated on work and fulfillment. Clips of the singer gaining thousands of views, and musical compositions have become increasingly popular.