Olga Buzova tries to hush up the theme of “magic” Gritsenko

However, as it turned out, the audience is unlikely to be able to assess the disassembly of fans of the Novel. According to rumors spreading on the network, Buzova strongly opposed to this topic is “floated” in the air and insists the user to this fact as soon as possible “jam”, writes the website life-dom2.su.

The already disgraced Olga, who became an object of attention, threatening to leave “the House 2” if anyone dare to violate its ban and will raise this issue in the ethers. And the organizers are literally forced to comply with the requirements of the star.

“It seems to me, there was nothing.. His not stupid to sleep with him is a stupid PR for her and for him, even Triandafilidis and caught PR small, like a victim” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.