Olga Buzova took the vulgarity is in the air “House 2”. Video

However, not even the background of mixed actions leading, few viewers of the TV show could have expected such vulgarity, which came in the announcement of the future broadcast. The video shows how Olga, deciding to demonstrate your ability almost immediately present their exercise with an oblong object, the website life-dom2.su.

But fans are not impressed with the capabilities of leading. Many are so angered that require you to cut the infamous footage from the air. Especially when a dirty trick Elina Karyakina, advertised in the announcement, after the General indignation was not allowed on the air.

“Disgusting sight! And then they can give advice to participants, and sometimes to criticize them for their behavior in the air? You need to start with yourself!” – protested what they saw fans telechoice.