Olga Buzova took the microphone

The singer was attacked in UAE

During his speech, Olga Buzova in one of night clubs of Dubai to the singer attacked. Inadequate visitor ran up to the girl and began to wrest from the hands of the microphone. However, it seems that no one even have time to get scared — protection of an institution immediately tied up the bully. Olga continued to sing, and the audience in the hall to sit in their seats, not showing any reaction.

However, the fact that the song was not interrupted during the incident, because the microphone was fierce fighting, many explained by the fact that His was the soundtrack. Looks like it tried to check the knock. What’s interesting about the incident Olga in his microblog at first was silent, but wrote about the stunning success of the performance and the warm reception of the audience. Some explanations she gave, only after video of the incident appeared in Dubai on the page in Instagram Muz.