Olga Buzova took a swing at the Madonna

Apparently, imagines himself as a real star, Olga Buzova took a swing at the creativity of most of the Madonna and sang her hit “Vogue”.

It happened at a concert in Crocus, and who was not there, Olga published a video in Instagram. Many fans were shocked by such impudence.

Any more or less versed in the music of the people, understand that weak vocals Buzova will not save any soundtrack, and memorized the movements in the style of “little half” do not go to any comparison with plastic Madonnas.

The fans of Madonna immediately pounced on Olga and said that it is a great audacity. “That’s not singing is a passion for hunting man,” “Madam,the more You will be in the spotlight and “blaze of Glory”, the further and all nezbytne will be Your HAPPINESS! You are no longer “the girl” and “alpha males” – You’re not the target! There is in Russia, never been kissed a bunch of girls that are rated “future wife” are more likely! You , Madam already got a player who didn’t know where to insert “Bank”, as a mere mortal and do not know what to do with You! So – FADE safely!”, “Take a soundtrack and learn to sing, woman”, “Madonna smells here! Again steal anything from itself,” write subscribers.

And while great singers trying to assert itself, proving the viability of the project “the Voice”, she sells tickets for a big solo concert. Amazing!