Olga Buzova told about the shortcomings of the Russian education

Olga began with a simple member, “House 2”, and now not only is she leading this project, but also the famous and popular singer. The girl thanks her parents who taught her to succeed, but not at school where, in her opinion, does not provide the kind of knowledge that would guarantee success in the future, the website life-dom2.su.

Leading “House 2” is confident that the school is full of talented guys who simply don’t know where to apply their skills. Olya believes that if they were people who have achieved certain heights in their lives, children would be easier to understand what they want and what it needs to do.

“I’ve always been a person who achieves their goals. I was taught in my childhood my parents but not in school. And there are so many talented guys who just don’t know where your talent to apply. And perhaps if there were special classes with people who have achieved success, the children have seen a live example and aspire to it. So I am very glad that this year the knowledge Day in many schools across the country will conduct special lessons of goal setting “Russia looking into the future” – said Olga Buzova.