Olga Buzova told about how he tried to get her ex-husband’s family

It is worth noting that, despite the rather substantial period of time which has passed since the divorce, she still could not fully recover from such shocks. In an interview with the famous edition of the girl told that during the year she was able to visit only two romantic encounters with men, and none of them she wouldn’t let him kiss you, not to mention something more, the website life-dom2.su.

So, Buzova did not deny that the significant benefits of diversion from the problems in the relationship she have creative ideas. Especially after breaking up with Tarasov turned away from her many friends. True past in the days of happy marriage leading at home 2 player and never missed an opportunity to seduce the latter. But Ola had to close my eyes at how some very active ran his hands in the pants of her husband.

“No wonder they say that evil act ultimately will backfire. Here Buzova, at the time, Tarasov stole from the family, ultimately, is to experience for yourself” – reminded fans of the youth television project.