Olga Buzova sharply reacted to criticism of Viktor Drobysh

The star responded to the criticism of Drobysh in respect of her singing art. Girl immodestly reminded that it tracks one of the most downloaded in the CIS.

Singer Olga Buzova and producer Victor Drobysh exchanged caustic comments on social networks. The dispute centered on a pop career of the singer.

Speech Nastasya Samburski “New star factory”, which many fans of the talents of Olga Buzova regarded as an attack on the bright image of his idol, continued. The numbers are highly praised producer Victor Drobysh, well, she Olga Buzova, I did not climb into his pocket for a response.

“I am very glad that in this factory we touched “creativity” Olga Buzova. She’s certainly a talented man, but, still nobody knows what is her talent,” wrote Drobysh on his page in Instagram. From a professional point of view, he noticed that her singing talent can not exactly call her strong suit.

According to the producer, the passion of Olga Buzova performances to the soundtrack it makes the bad all the domestic show business, which is experiencing not the best times. “So the stage factory is the best place for talented derision of the arrogant phenomenon — “His” although it’s not a bad person and could work, for example, a nurse or a cashier!”, — Viktor Drobysh.

Olga Buzova found the answer to this attack. “For me, the strange behavior of the Victor, it is literally recently at the launch of the new season of “Comedy club” TV channel TNT, he literally fled headlong toward me to say Hello and invite yourself to “Factory of stars”, says the singer.

“In this story, it’s a pity the manufacturers, since their producer will never be able to tell them about how to really be a first in music, as his tracks only occasionally got at least the top 200 Russian iTunes”, she said. From Olga Buzova much more notable achievements in this area.

“I’m the only Russian artist, whose album “the sounds of kisses” is out there, and so high. I’m the only artist, whose tracks eight times in a row became the most downloaded in the CIS countries, and fell for each other in the first place iTunes and Google play” — modestly said the singer.

Nachlese her review and for Nastasya Samburski. “And about the parody of me of the actress from the TV series “Univer” – I am glad that at least then, the country has learned that Nastasia tries to sing,” the singer drugged her opponent.