Olga Buzova ready for changes in your personal life

Media representatives interested in periodically Olga Buzovoy her personal life. Now the star said that he fully ready for a new relationship.

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova more than one year does not find for himself a worthy man, who would be able to finally complete the story with her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. Members of the press quite often when dealing with a girl ask her questions related to her active personal life, but no unexpected answers about the young people did not appear.

In turn, the girl herself is not as upset by this fact, since all free time is given to work and progress in his career, which every day only shows the growing popularity. Leading “House-2” admitted to the press that since the breakup with Dmitry Tarasov she has never kissed a man, ignoring any potential suitors.

This approach to choosing a future husband is that she intends to more closely understand the partner, then hoping not to make the same mistakes. However, now the attitude to the privacy of Buzova has changed significantly, but because she is ready for a dizzying new relationships that could lead to a happy life together and the wedding. Fans of Olga Buzova hope that very soon the girl will appreciate their appearance in my life a worthy representative of the stronger sex.