Olga Buzova once again hinted at health problems

However, despite the explanation from the girl, not all of the followers believed the leader, assuming that such a painful reaction happened on the news about the legalization of the relationship of her former husband Dmitry Tarasov with his current passion – Anastasia Kostenko, according to the site life-dom2.su.

It is likely that for this reason, many have linked the photo with the dropper in stories of a girl with her nervous stress. Especially now that Dima is not just engaged, but married. Itself Buzova has not commented on the joyful event in the life of the former husband, however was quick to reassure subscribers fresh selfie and talk about future plans and upcoming concerts.

“You should certainly have a photo to upload! To pity the sufferer, And if constipation, also enema will be a photo?” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.