Olga Buzova made a greeting with a hint of Anastasia Kostenko

Leading “House-2” is advised not to pick up someone else, no one

It’s been a little over a year after the official divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. The footballer has managed to remarry, and the presenter is still suffering. Fans are sure that the congratulations, which she recorded during the filming of “House-2” is a current lover, ex-spouse.

“The spirits want, and dress, and lipstick./Kidding, kidding, don’t run away./You know, grandfather, I do not have/You don’t take just anyone,” Olga read the poetry with tears in his eyes.

The second part of her statement was in prose: “I wish you all the most important thing in this life is health. Don’t take someone else’s, no one and take care of your, what you’ve got.”

However, we must remember that at the time Buzova she took the “strange” Tarasov stole from his wife and little daughter.