Olga Buzova, like Putin, believes that the future for the new generation

Vladimir Putin at the forum “Proektoriya” spoke about the fact that breakthrough in the future for a new generation. Telediva Olga Buzova actively supported the President’s words.

Popular TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova previously commented on the new school curriculum, has published in his microblog in Instagram post in which he supported the words of President Vladimir Putin spoken during the forum “Proektoriya” about the new generation that is able to make a breakthrough. The media personality believes that “the future for us.”

Olga Buzova wrote that he considered the September 1, an important day for all the youth of the country. When she was in school, I always waited for him, because they wanted to gain new knowledge. Today to learn easier, you can open a search engine and find any information. But because of this, youth have a great responsibility. You need to learn how to choose only those skills that make a person better.

The media personality added that the forum “Proektoriya” our President said that the new generation must make a qualitative leap forward and she agrees with him, because the future for talented and motivated people. Many fans supported the post our favorite.