Olga Buzova in a white dress came out to look for her husband

Olga Buzova has posted a photo in a white dress with a caption-reflections on the future husband. The haters felt that the girl already on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Olga Buzova once again surprised fans with his picture. This time a popular singer in a white dress came outside and began to search for her new husband.

In his blog Buzova published an intriguing picture in which she appeared in a white dress. A slinky outfit to some fans recalled the image of Lyudmila Gurchenko in his youth. The singer in the photo focused on that at the moment is not what will be her future chosen one.

Subscribers in the comments of the post began to make their own versions. Fans called him strong, kind and courageous, and detractors on the contrary wished the singer of evil.

It is worth noting that white dress Buzova was not less discussion. Some felt that the girl has a mental disorder, and now she’s everywhere will be talking about their desire to marry.