Olga Buzova honored the memory of Hugh Hefner post with their cover of Playboy

The star has twice been on the cover of this magazine. In his Instagram she wrote about Hugh Hefner and hung his photo on the cover of 2010.

Olga Buzova honored the memory of Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner) and has placed in his microblog on the cover of Playboy seven years ago.

Russian TV presenter, singer Olga Buzova shared with subscribers of their Instagram the cover of Playboy magazine, where a celebrity is depicted in a revealing black bathing suit and long, white hair. The star was lucky enough twice to pose in a photo shoot for the cover of this edition. Buzova chose to share a picture taken back in 2010.

Olga in his Instagram put the cover of Playboy in 2010 and signed: “the Legendary Hugh Hefner in love with both men and women, because the one and the other he gave beauty #RIP I was fortunate enough twice to be on the cover of #Playboy Catch me in 2010.