Olga Buzova has won 3 thousand dollars in American casinos

Olga Buzova went to America and became addicted to gambling. Dangling on the machines a considerable amount, the presenter still lucky – she won three thousand dollars.

Olga Buzova recently become an interesting person to talk, gossip and reviews in the media. This time talking about the fact that Olga went to America. Why and why – is unclear. Oddly enough, but the TV star has not yet shared with subscribers detailed information about their business. Admitted only that he went to Los Angeles for a dream .

Olga hit the jackpot

Or Olga confused, or simply want to test your luck, but saw her in Las Vegas – the capital of a free life, fun and excitement. According to the public Super, TV presenter faced a wave of gambling life.

Probably Buzova wanted to try the taste of easy money. But in slot machines Olga had no luck, there she left a tidy sum. Apparently, the celebrity was no one to stop, because she took and roulette game. Here Buzova hit the jackpot, winning three thousand dollars. Well, Olga, well, it gives.

Poor leading

Although she is not so big money if you take into account that after the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov for Buzova coming millions. In General, her purse is never empty.

Journalist, Pointmedia Les Miller recalls that Olga Buzova shared stories from his difficult childhood. Turns out she was the neighbor-alcoholic.