Olga Buzova has received a proposal of marriage from the suburbs: What’s new in your personal life teledive?

For a year Olga Buzova found out about the cheating husband Dmitry Tarasov. On the eve of New year, they divorced. Since then, her life much has changed. First, Buzova changed the color of hair, the second went into show business and took some clips of their songs. But she still says that she is single and tired of being strong. In response to such touching words the chief-the editor of the suburban Newspapers Ilya Popov did the presenter offer hands and hearts. What is going on in the “personal front” stars “House-2”? Buzova what to say about the groom?




In your account in Instagram Buzova often writes about loneliness, quotes poems and increasingly publishes the images, which one. Apparently, she still can’t move away from her husband’s infidelity and divorce. Many believed her marriage to Tarasov strong, and the “Tarabostes”, as jokingly called their family tandem, one of the most beautiful couples among celebrities.
Recently in her social account appeared touching the long post philosophical content. A user mistook it for a real confession teledive. In it she talked about their spiritual experiences, and the search for true love. She noted that while still reeling from the breakup with the ex-spouse and because Tarasov won’t let anybody in. Now her life was filled with only work, though, for the recognition of the media personality as “I want the fairytale”.
Buzova admitted to followers that she’s actually very sensitive and sentimental person, although friends jokingly call her a robot, and most of the friends believe that Olga is iron. She was tired of the constant loneliness, but in spite of this, the heart leading still remembers the betrayal of a loved one.



The star admits that in recent years, often crying, on her cheeks the tears flow, but no one wants to see. All need her smile, positivity and lightness, and not despair. According telediva, only friend and sister will support her. But the singer and television personality wants to meet a man who is capable of serious actions. According to her, the last time the representatives of the stronger sex somehow “crushed”.
Post Buzova similar to the cry of the soul. She writes about what the man wants and points all on one side of the qualities he must have. Potential “soul mate” TV stars should be kind, loyal, with a good sense of humor, caring, strong, brave and responsible.
She hopes to be able to meet “the one” who will accept her for who she is, with all faults, complexes and cockroaches in my head, and wrinkles around the eyes and small Breasts. With such a man, according to Buzova she can be happy and loved and free to be themselves.



There is in “letter” and reference to my bad experience, which caused her pain. Because she needs a man who will not cause her suffering, because she can’t do it again, because it is given in love to the end. At the end of his letter urged the media personality of podeschi “don’t settle for less” and hinted that this will be her new song.
Reading the entry, subscribers immediately intensified. Post with photo Buzovoy’ve got a lot of views and comments from users of the social network. They could find many words of support and approval, as well as wishes of happiness and true love.
However, among the comments and found one unusual. It a Ilya Popov, working as an editor in the publication of “the suburbs” writes that Buzova not want to be alone and suffer. He suggested that the media personality to marry him. Making an offer so to say “hands and hearts”, the man promised that he would love her and not gonna do the Olga hurt.



The outcome of this story, is still unknown. Itself Buzova, apparently, was shocked by such acceptance and has not responded to a desperate offer Popov. Meanwhile, Buzova has another “suitor”. The fact that earlier Olga posted on his microblog (visit their dogs) sharing a photo with the oligarch Roman Abramovich, who recently divorced his wife Daria Zhukova.
Users immediately began to discuss their relationship, after all, a photo of Olga posing in a white dress with ruffles (like a bride). Oligarch is dressed in a classic suit as the groom. Under the enterprising presenter left signed “Era Buzova”. What was your reaction to all this fans of the stars of the reality-construction “House-2” is unknown, as she hid all the comments.
Probably no one was surprised by the presence of dogs Buzova own social media accounts. However, the appearance on images of a pair of Abramovich-Buzova caused consternation among users. Especially due to the fact that according to rumors, leaked to the press, now a billionaire with a new found “passion” ballerina Diana Vishneva.



The subscribers, after seeing photos of stars in bathing suit, began to scold Olga for excessive thinness. Then she released another, more “spectacular” picture, but the compliments she again never came. On it the media personality and aspiring singer is also depicted in a swimsuit, but from behind, and showing his ass. Followers were indignant, accused Buzova in the degradation and lack of manners, saying that to publish such photos disgusting. However, two hundred “likes” a picture received.
As already mentioned, celebrities are people too. All that is human is alien – love, suffering, and divorce. But from his personal drama Olga Buzova all the time doing “window dressing”. Maybe this is her way to get revenge ex-husband or to attract the attention of other men. If the latter, then, it seems, the presenter did it.