Olga Buzova has enlisted the support of Joseph Prigogine

Among those who were ready to support the leading “House 2”, can be attributed to Joseph Prigogine, who not only love to have dinner with Olga, but also supported her in such a difficult time. So, the man promised that he will be among the first to come to the concert Olga. However, in the sincerity of the producer do not believe everything. In the network there are already rumors that Buzova failed to agree with him and become his protégé, the website life-dom2.su.

It Prigozhin will pass for Olga in the world of show business, in particular on the grounds and music event, “song of the year”, “Golden gramophone” or something similar that was no longer available to her. For their services Joseph will have a good percentage, so neither of the two of them will not remain in the loser.

“By Buzova already promoted by all and Sundry, But I never doubted that Olga Buzova is full of influential patrons” – wrote fans youth television project.