Olga Buzova got to hang out with “the dancing millionaire” in the dressing room

The separation of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov, it seems, did not upset her, but rather became the new springboard to reach the heights. Olga changed her image, recorded a new song, which is now actively promotorul.

It should say, makes it the leading “House-2” very successfully. So much so that her single even interested in “the dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacca.

With a star Instagrama Olga crossed for the prize LF City Awards 2016. Of course, about this meeting Buzova could not tell on the social network. Her example was followed by Gianlucca. Its members Vacca introduced Olga as “actress, and the lead singer” and published a video in which they dance to a new song Buzova “the sounds of kissing.”

Fans say that after the rupture of relations with her husband, Olga has changed — fans unhappy with the behavior of Olga: “She came on the scene so ugly and behaved with Gianluca”, “Ol, too Intrusive behave towards Italian”, “What is she unattractive, insincere,” wrote disgruntled fans.

It is interesting that the behavior of Olga thinks beloved Vacca?

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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