Olga Buzova got in an accident

Famous Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova became a victim of the bad weather conditions and the same public services. A celebrity was in an accident and suffered injuries.

That Buzova got in an accident, told reporters the employee of a separate battalion of traffic police of traffic police Andrey Ants.
“On the streets of the capital yesterday there was a lot of accidents, we went 12 times. And here on the panel is calling the frightened female voice that seemed familiar to us all, and calls the coordinates of the accident,” he said. Arriving at the call, officers saw a car that crashed into a pole, and two women – the driver and her friend. Leading “House-2” they learned from.
“Olga was very frightened, but still tried to smile. Basically, she said, and she was silent. It turns out that the girl drove Buzova home, and bumped into the terrible ice. In spite of studded tires, the car skidded and was thrown into the oncoming lane. According to the victims, their twisted, whereby the speed plummeted, and then took to the sidelines, straight into a pillar,” — said the Ants. Soon, Olga, received a shoulder injury, went to the emergency room, and from there home, and the girlfriend remained to arrange an accident.
The representative Buzova Anton Bogoslavskaya has already confirmed information about the accident and said that Olga is feeling OK.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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