Olga Buzova gave her husband a gold razor

Olga Buzova loves and adores her man, so ready to ply him with expensive gifts, if only it was pleasant.

So, star telestroke “Dom-2” has asked the question: what should the person who has everything? “Brush for cleaning the belly button” — you can think you are remembering common network funny. Buzova decided to go ahead and gave her husband Dmitry Tarasov razor made of gold.

On his page in Instagram Olga boasted a photo of a new acquisition, and also spoke about its benefits: “Here’s what to give the man who has everything?? And that gift constantly reminded of you! ?Good but I opted for shaving machine made of gold. She chose the color and design. After that I created a unique monogram with logo football club my husband a Unique gift!”, — boasted star.

Olga was pleased with the gift, but her fans are such ideas not appreciated.

Subscribers Buzova, the Network said, more stupid and useless gift in the afternoon with fire not find.

By the way, the price of razors made of gold affects the cost. This piece of art is worth 2 thousand dollars or 130 thousand rubles.


Source: instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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