Olga Buzova flew in Monaco at the invitation of the oligarch

Scandalous TV presenter, singer and former participant reality show “House-2”, 31-year-old Olga Buzova went to a long-awaited vacation to pamper yourself. For relaxation and enjoyment of the pleasures of life, she chose the Cote d’azur, Monaco is the most expensive resort in Europe. Buzova did not hide from his followers the details of her vacation and posted pictures of a luxury home away from home.

Olga Buzova came to Monaco on a private jet. From him she stepped out in a black suit with a short top and lacquer pumps stiletto heels. The descent down the ramp Buzova captured in one photo. “Guess where I arrived?” intrigued Olga its subscribers. Fans long wondered where that went the anchor, and cast your guesses in the comments. But following the dispelled all the options. On publication of the posh hotel where Buzova, apparently, was going on a date, she put geotag Monaco.
The first evening star went to an expensive restaurant. The TV host posted a photo with the caption “Happiness is easy to take and to arrive at dinner in France” tag “thank you”. According to insiders, the presenter arrived in the Principality of Monaco at the personal invitation. However, the mysterious counterpart Buzova and not declassified.
After dinner, Olga went to have some fun in one of night clubs of Monte Carlo. In his microblog the media personality posted a video where she is fiery and sexy dancing.
Last day in Monaco Buzova spent on the private beach. She boasted a perfect figure in tiny shorts that barely covered buttocks.
It is noted that all of your photos, Olga Buzova accompanied by the hashtag “thank you” and “I now it’s just necessary.” She seemed to hint that he came to someone on vacation and thanked his counterpart for the journey.
In the network appeared the information that Buzova invited me for the weekend married the oligarch Andrey Melnichenko. Olga, however, these rumors did not comment.
We will remind, in the end of last year Olga Buzova and her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov has divorced after four years of marriage. During the breakup came out scandalous details of their relationship. It turned out, Tarasov changed the Olga with the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Russia 2014” Anastasia Kostenko. After that phone teledive hacked and the network appeared in racy photos and videos she had sent Dmitry Nagiyev.

Source: www.woman.ru
Photo: www.wday.ru

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