Olga Buzova fell off the stage during a rehearsal of the “New wave” in Sochi

Singer Olga Buzova fell off the stage at the rehearsal of the “New wave” in the resort city of Sochi. This news instantly became known in the network.


When Olga Buzova sang his song called “the sounds of kissing” on the stage in Sochi, there was one embarrassing moment, which became a subject of conversation of the public. The artist, being at the rehearsal of the “New wave”, during the procession to the music on the scene saw the barriers and I caught my foot. After a slow jiggle the singer fell down, pulling down the rack for a microphone. Fortunately, injury or other damage Olga Buzova not received in the fall.

After she got to her feet, the rehearsal continued in a regular mode. Someone from the guests, it was time to remove the camera on my cell phone this unpleasant case and put it in the net. Now about this talk and discussions are fans of the famous TV presenter and singer.