Olga Buzova entered the fray with the stars

As you know, Olga pretty sharply into altercations in response to a similar attack, but this time the girl became silent, expressing his disappointment with the Victor. Buzova reminded that just a few weeks ago Drobysh asked her to perform at the concert “Factories of stars” and maybe to give some advice to the aspiring artists, the site says life-dom2.su.

Got from Buzova and Samburski. However to address nastasi, given that this is not their first conflict, Olga spoke quite innocently, noticing that she’s happy the fact that now the country knows about Nastasia attempts to sing.

“Buzova, if you are so sure of their vocal abilities, sing live without a soundtrack. And yet for you is a technique, not barking like a pug, do not have the right to offend people who earned the name the talent, but not plywood. This is my opinion” – the audience wrote “House 2”.