Olga Buzova did not know this fact about Dmitry Tarasov

Olga, it is hard going through a divorce, admitted that she had to endure many unpleasant moments being married to Dima. So, the leading “House 2” is hardly a Mall to know that Dima hides from her his son, and this information appeared in the network due to the review of some of the subscribers will, under the entry Tarasova, the website life-dom2.su.

And now managed to find a photo of that girl, who gave birth to her son Dima. By the way, the girl already made a loud statement. In her opinion Tarasov never married and did not calm down, especially because earlier cheating he was not constrained by any bond of marriage, nor the child.

“Buzova profitable place looking. As the place of the leading “House 2″. Horses are changing, style remains. But Tarasov has already interfered with riding. But for the legend it needs to be bad, and she’s an angel. He’s snickering in every sense, and she’s a victim. Because the mudslinging continues. It’s part of the plan of life. Like a marriage, and the status of family ladies, like divorce, as the attempts of the singer” – suggested viewers of the reality show.