Olga Buzova continues to look for ways to hurt ex-spouse

In addition, during a photo shoot at the registry office, the young man showed the engagement ring to the camera in such a way that many thought it was ugly. It is worth noting that Buzova tries to hurt and rile her ex-husband. For example, recently, the girl likened him to a hero of the famous novel by Dostoyevsky. Moreover, the network has already appeared the recording of the next broadcast, where she reads poetry, which is considered by many to Tarasov, the website life-dom2.su.

Apart from a small quatrains could not resist Buzova and farewell to all participants. Barely holding back the rising tears, Olga called wards never take someone else’s and to protect what they have, obviously referring to Kostenko, who stole her husband.

“His whole year was trying to prove something Tarasov, jumping around the stage in his underwear, but he eventually chose a decent girl with family values at the forefront, unlike Buzovoy”, “Calls not to take someone else’s, and she like to do, when the father of the child were taken? Here is bratochki came back,” – wrote the youth fans of the TV project “House 2”.