Olga Buzova caught with her lover. Video

This time the young man will be terribly difficult to get out of this story. The fact that during the discussion participants were again asked questions regarding his romance with Olga. Moreover, even in the moment when his flirtation with Buzova was captured on camera, the man continues to deny the existence of a connection with the host, writes the website life-dom2.su.

Looking straight into the eyes of Vlad kadoni Roma assured that they crossed accidentally Buzova and in fact came from the perimeter, just to call. However, his words are unable to deceive Kadono. And Lisa, judging by her expression, too-believe lover.

“PR it is needed in everything, and that fixed with a boy 10 years younger”, “Just hug, no kiss was, especially on the lips. Not visible to the naked eye” – said the audience “House 2”.