Olga Buzova can participate in the competition “Wedding in a million”

And although at the moment Buzova not agreed to such a venture, many fans of the TV project believe that this development of relations is possible. Moreover, a few years ago Ksenia Borodina participated in the show “tower for two”, beating in the end all Lomovtsev, so it is likely that Olga will be able to do something similar, the site says life-dom2.su.

Fans have no doubt that Olga will never marry Gritsenko, however, a million, in case of victory of their pairs, it is realistic, will remain in the pocket of the organizers. And this is the best proof that everything in “the House 2” a farce and a setup.

“It is a pity that now almost impossible to meet guys who really want to build relationships, and more and more becomes the script!” – wrote the audience of the TV project “House 2”.