Olga Buzova “breccia” nonsense. Video

Another confusion with Olga happened during her first acquaintance with the daughter Blumenkranz Betty. The girl was so moved by the meeting, are unable to control the emotions that in the end “breccia” nonsense, which amused some fans of the youth project, the website life-dom2.su.

Looking at Betty, Olga noticed that she looks like a real baby. Many never forgave leading an unfortunate oversight, unanimously recognizing that Buzova and children are incompatible concepts. But Tata and Valera showed tact and did not make fun of leading.

“Where it generally climbs to the child in the jacket and where Tata is looking at. No health, then the doctors will run in and be surprised”, “What to take with Buzova!” – asked the fans of “House 2”.