Olga Buzova boasted to fans of gorgeous new clothes

So, do not miss the girl the opportunity to brag to their followers and the new purchase. Despite the fact that winter is not going to enter into their authority, leading decided to treat myself by buying fur coats, fashionable in this season colors. Buzova stated that pretty happy with the purchase, because it not only warms it in wet weather, but also allows you to feel like that girl, the website life-dom2.su.

But users of social networking enthusiasm Buzova not appreciated. While some criticized the purchase of leading, noting that in such coats flaunts a floor of Moscow, others ridiculed the girl’s pose, which squirmed like he had to pee.

“Oh, who are these coats only is not advertised”, “Well, what is there to envy, anyway, why off all this show?” – wrote fans of “House 2”.