Olga Buzova asked Tata irrelevant question about Dimitrenko.

So, Olga Rapunzel continues to complain about the fact that Dima Dmitrenko were often allowed to raise a hand on her, although the young man says the opposite. And more recently he even talked to Tata, which in detail told about the situation with Olga, saying that he considers himself a devotee of a loved one, the website life-dom2.su.

Immediately intervened Buzova, which, according to followers, asked quite a pertinent question, addressed to Tata, if there were Dima’s wife. There is little doubt that, though aware of the problems in pairs, Tata still did not live together with Dima and Olya, and, even so, can not know everything. Buzova and once again showed his narrow-mindedness, when the frontal bore solid nonsense.

“Buzova constantly tupit it is also said that Chuev left Africa, Rapunzel then logs almost fell on Calvary” – written by the fans of “House 2”.