Olga Buzova angered many fans with his decision regarding Olga Rapunzel

So, storm of indignation among the audience led to the decision of Olga Buzova allow Rapunzel and Dimitrenko to participate in the competition “Wedding in a million”. Moreover, the decision was made leading to the background of the fact that a few weeks ago the wife promised to divorce and never to be tolerated. Moreover, because of Olga’s pregnancy, she will not be able to participate in contests, and so all she would do her husband, that, therefore, would mean violation of the rules, the website life-dom2.su.

But a couple Margo Ovsyannikova and Simon Mardanshina Buzova somehow felt unworthy, that didn’t stop her “ears” pull in competition with other couples. With a light hand, Oli is now in a million will fight Daria Lymar and Vitaly Malyshev, as well as little-known Ruslan Minakov and Karina Pronin.

“Here is the answer to all the questions asked previously – everything is thought out and resolved,” “That, again, Rapunzel dragged as far as possible?” – wrote fans youth telestroke “House 2”.