Olga Buzova and bought an apartment

Olga Buzova has proved that hard work is always rewarded. On his page in Instagram star electrojic “Dom-2” often shares with fans emotions about the day, talks about where she had to visit and how her work had exhausted her.

Despite the fact that Olga often complains of fatigue and lack of time, she has a goal and she confidently goes to it.

For example, recently Buzova graced his mother. No, the girl told her mother about her pregnancy. Yet the plans Buzova and her husband Dmitry Tarasov this item no. Olga just gave mother Irina Alexandrovna property in the heart of the cultural capital.

Star got to her apartment in the heart of St. Petersburg overlooking the river Moika. The cost of apartments with an area of over 100 square meters amounted to 16 million rubles.

The apartment has a kitchen and three rooms. Repairs in the apartment will also engage in Olga, which listed the mother’s first amount of money on decoration.

We will remind, recently Olga has made her husband a special gift. Buzova gave the man an exclusive machine for shaving for 2 thousand Euro.

Source: russianshowbiz.info

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