Olga Buzova alienated viewers “House 2”. Video

So in the walls of the “House 2” is still relevant conversations and discussions of the brawl between Leroy frost and Mary Kohno. If most of the participants insist that adequate payoff for aggression Valeria will have her expulsion from the show, leading, most likely, intend to do everything possible to keep the brunette in the ranks of participants “House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

However, audiences have not taken such a leading position, saying it was hypocritical and unfair. Many now demand not only deprive Leroux status of the participant “House 2”, but also to take Olga with post leading. Moreover, fans of the project believe that to see the situation objectively Buzova prevent the illness star. Almost no one doubt that now, sensing their impunity, frost pummel someone else.

“Buzova yesterday staged a circus, builds himself a pious, but actually…”, “that’s why Valerie can afford such behavior – she has such a “roof” in the face Buzova” – suggested fans of “House 2”.