Olga Buzova admitted that friends tried to discourage Tarasova

Olga Buzova admitted that after a break up with Tarasov, the number of her friends decreased markedly. This is due to the fact that many of them tried to recapture her lover.

Popular TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova made a Frank confession, talking about marriage with Dmitry Tarasov. She stated that the friend “was putting her hands in the pants of her husband.”

Introducing the new video for the song “Hit parade” Olga Buzova told what they had taught her a bitter experience with marriage. This time we are talking about girlfriends. The girl confessed that she now trusts very few people, only a few people in her life who for years supports the connection.

However, she gave a vivid example of the situation. If you take her 30-year anniversary, then guests were two hundred people, but for the 31st birthday of her came to congratulate only 25 friends. It is not a coincidence.

After breaking up with your ex-spouse the range of its communication noticeably thinned out. Buzova admitted that among her friends there were those who tried to discourage her Tarasov. Since then, she barely admits to himself unfamiliar or even new people. It is difficult to open, but she doesn’t want it.

Buzova told how to be the man she wanted to be. Focusing on her new musical creation, the singer said sickly, “namby-pamby” and lack of initiative in its “Hit-parade” will not. She wants to be conquered, wrapped with care and attention. Buzova admitted that values itself, so throw on the first comer will not be exact.