Olga Arntgolts is expecting a baby

Famous actress Olga Arntgolts is expecting a child. Artist with a pretty big belly noticed at the entrance to the antenatal clinic. Wordsmiths, citing its own sources, say that Olga is pregnant from Director Dmitry Peter, who once was the civil husband of the colleague and the namesake of Olga Olga Krasko. However, Dmitri is not in a hurry to publicly declare his paternity and to questions of journalists evasively answered: “Write this: “It’s a military secret!””.

The pregnancy Olga already quite large, and the abdomen of the actress does not hide any spacious coat or sweatshirt. Arnholt, lives in a one bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow with their three year old daughter Mary, born married actor Wananga Beridze.
The second child Olga needs to be born in December.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.kino-teatr.ru

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